Go beyond traditional disaster recovery planning with AutoBCM ITDR management.

Auto IT Disaster Recovery creates high quality information management processes for emergency preparedness, response, recovery and resilience-building for an organization.

The open-source information management system for disaster management supports all phases of the emergency cycle i.e Contact list (Directories), Resources, projects 4Ws (Who, What,Where & With) & Logistics.

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  • Creates resource plans
  • Allows individual assets/applications to be linked throughout the platform
  • Enables RTOs to be aligned
  • Flexibile to build any degree of granularity in different parts of the organization

Qualitative Benefits

Ensures compliance with organisation’s approved BCM methodology

‘On the Go’ Crisis Management with AutoBCM Mobile Application

Enforces review and approval for key planning documents

Provides recovery strategies based on known/evident capabilities

Increased programme quality through consistent BCM methodology

Visibility into decision-making process for real event responses

Business continuity - anytime, anywhere

Now avaliable on mobile, on premise & on cloud

AutoBCM© is now available on mobile so that you can manage business continuity, anytime, anywhere.

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On Premise

On Cloud

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